Marketing Strategist

Have you ever gotten stuck with an idea and don't know how to make it come to life? I enjoy discussing your ideas and devising a plan to make them happen with a roadmap to success. Simple, easy to follow strategies that will allow YOU to go from anaylsis paralysis to action and see your desired results.

Corporate Workshops & Training

Needing to sharpen the skills of your staff, managers and executives? Allow my team to train and facilitate topics including:

  • High Performance Teams

  • Hiring Strategies

  • Cultural & Emotional Intelligence

  • Communications Advantage

  • ...and more!

Non-Profit Consultation

How do you determine if you're ready for a non-profit? Do you know the different types of non-profits? Allow one of my team members to meet with you & assess your ideas.

Having worked for state government, a global management consulting firm and assorted non-profits, I am well aware of the challenges of staying relevant in the market place.

My passion: To bring clarity and organization to companies through education and training. My motto: “Discontent is the Catalyst for Change”.

Let's talk! Contact me to schedule an appointment to get your vision from the abstract to the concrete.

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